I help horses regain their freedom of movement and recover from injury so they’re happier, they’re healthier, and they’re ready, willing and able to work.

I’m an Equine Therapist specialising in equine performance bodywork. I help relieve the underlying causes of a horse’s pain which are evidenced by an array of symptoms including

Performance issues

  • bucking, bolting & rearing (if it’s new behaviour for them)
  • inability to pick up a canter lead
  • tilting the head on one rein
  • short stepping
  • choppy leg action
  • unwillingness or inability to bend or flex to one side, or to either side
  • disuniting or changing leads
  • appearing lame

Behavioural issues

  • unwillingness to work
  • sour or cranky attitude
  • tail swishing
  • pinning ears, biting, kicking
  • exhibiting discomfort when saddling, girthing up or rugging
  • dullness of attitude or lack of interest in food and in surroundings