The endurance horse is so hardworking that suppling their back and hindquarters is essential to maintain their body and movement. Most endurance horses are Arabian, often ridden forward with their head up, engaged and alert, which commonly results in tension in the poll. Learn more about how I can improve the suppleness of your horse’s muscles and improve their full range of movement.

Julie Wright

Bare Equine Australia
Dip. Equine Podiotherapy
Certified EMT.

“I can highly recommend Toni from Equine Bodyworx for keeping horses supple through rehabilitation, pleasure work and competition.

As a Qualified Equine Podiotherapist (Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy) it is refreshing to be able to refer clients to an Equine Bodyworker who also has a knowledge of hoof imbalance and how that affects the upper body with posture and muscle soreness. With a range of modalities under her belt, Toni has a broad range of treatment options for all types of horses whether they are recovering from injury, transitioning out of traditional metal shoes or in full work competing in the toughest of horse sports. My horses enjoy their treatments immensely and Toni has been able to pinpoint the muscular issues each time leaving the horses much more supple and ready for work.”