The eventer is the well-rounded athlete. It suffers from the physical impacts seen in showjumpers and dressage horses, including tension in the poll, lower neck and shoulders plus the sacroiliac joints and sacral lumbar. In eventing the legs take a beating with knocks from fences and from their own legs hitting each other when galloping. Physical therapy keeps the horse supple, while Laser Therapy accelerates healing of leg injuries. Find out more about the way I can keep your horse in peak condition so its body can meet the demands of eventing.

Photo Credit : Main Event Photography

Hannah Walls

Sheridan Equestrian

“I am so grateful to have Toni Horsley from Equine Bodyworx on our team. My horse’s pelvis was so uneven and just after the second treatment we saw outstanding results.

I can’t thank Toni enough for her wonderful work and I am so excited for the future with this horse – with routine bodywork we will help keep him happy and supple and continue to come home with blue ribbons!

I highly recommend Toni to anyone who would like some bodywork done on their horses.”