The polocrosse horse is like the rugby league player of the sporting world. Rough, tough and ready to work hard and fast.Common injuries are twists through the body and significant strain through the lower back and the poll. The polocrosse horse is always twisting, turning and pulling up hard, so hamstrings need a lot of suppling. The polocrosse rider is often leaning down on one side of the horse to pick up the ball, which creates tension through the horse’s back as it tries to counter balance the weight of the rider. Find out more about how my physical bodywork can relieve the impacts and strains caused by polocrosse.

Rebecca Kerin

“We own a number of polocrosse horses who compete up to Nationals level. Polocrosse is a full contact sport played at a fast speed with horses required to be highly athletic, turning at speed and being able to stop quickly.

To help keep our horses at maximum soundness, assist with niggling injuries and maintain overall good health they regularly enjoy Toni’s massage and laser treatment. Toni’s treatments are a proven success in the holistic management of our horses.”