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Pony Club

The pony clubber is the ultimate all-rounder and is either extremely hard working, or is pulled out of the paddock to perform in an unfit state. In either case, the pony club horse is asked to be athletic, to jump, to sport, to collect and to do it all day. Due to the variety of tasks it’s asked to perform, it may carry a variety of tension. A pony will tend to carry a lot of tension through the poll. There are many wonderful stretches a child can learn which will help their pony feel and perform better. Find out more about how I can work on the pony so its body is relieved of discomfort.

Sam Howe

My daughter’s horse, Blue, was young and inexperienced when we got him. Being the keen rider that she is, she entered him straight into one day events at 80cm. He was a good honest boy and tried his hardest. However after about 12 months of competing he started to buck in all jumping rounds and cross country.…