The racehorse’s body issues are focused around the back, hindquarters and hamstrings… the horse’s engine. Tension commonly accumulates at the base of the neck in the large muscles that lift the front legs, plus in the shoulders and pectorals. Injuries occur when these muscles are extremely tight and then put under further pressure such as on a race day. The sacroiliac ligaments are also prone to injury due to the explosive action of coming out of the barriers at the start of the race. The other area under tremendous strain is the horse’s legs, tendons, ligaments and joints. This is where laser and shockwave can be a great asset in facilitating the rapid repair after an injury.

Regular bodywork is essential to maintain suppleness and prevent injury. Find out more about how the bodywork I provide can keep your racehorse in optimum condition.

The following trainers regularly use the services of Equine Bodyworx:-

Warwick Farm:

  • Portelli Racing
  • Mark de Montfort
  • Jarrod Austin


  • John Sargent Racing
  • Craig Carmody

Kembla Grange:

  • KJ Parker Racing

Toni regularly treats horses when they are spelling at Jazcom Equine in The Oaks.

Jarrod Austin Racing

“Since Toni has been working on our horses regularly, we have noticed they are working with better paces and recovering post-racing really well. Her work has made a noticeable difference to the horses comfort, attitude and performance.“