Show Jumping

Photo Credit: OZ Shots Photography

Due to the mechanics of jumping, a lot of pressure is placed on the front end of the horse which manifests as tension in the poll, lower neck and shoulders. The powerful hind end of the show jumping horse is often very tight, particularly through the sacroiliac joints and sacral lumbar junction. Keeping this area supple is imperative to prevent injury. Learn more about how I can work with your horse to release tension so the body moves freely and comfortably.

Photo Credit: Stephen Mowbray Photography

Rhys Stone

“Would you like to know how our team stay in tip-top performance shape? Toni Horsley of Equine Bodyworx is the answer! Regularly maintaining our equine athletes in peak form, improving their overall wellbeing, suppleness, flexibility and performance for our showjumpers and show horses. Our horses thoroughly enjoy their sessions with Toni and our horses would not be able to perform at the level they do without her. There’s no question that our horses are kept supple and their optimal health and performance is enhanced dramatically! “