Western Disciplines

With the heavier Quarter Horse, tension accumulates mainly through the shoulders, lower back and hindquarters. There is a lot of pressure on the joints of the legs, particularly at the stifles and hocks, as the body is naturally ‘downhill’ with proportionately small hooves, short bones and large muscle mass. Learn more about how I can help relieve tension and pressure from your horse’s body.

Michelle Bruce

Western Trainer

“Here at Paddock To Performance, I train a full range of horses from various backgrounds. I predominantly train western pleasure and hunter under saddle horses. These two sports have a high impact on a horse’s body I’ve had a few horses that have been sent with huge physical and mental problems and Toni from Equine BodyworX has helped me enormously.

Toni has treated these horses, releasing their painful muscle spasms and giving them not only freedom of movement in these areas but great relief from pain. Working in conjunction with Toni, we’ve taken these horses from Paddock to performance – winning and placing. Most of all, the best result is being able to ride these horses! When they are not in pain – they are not madly trying to hurt me and their owners!”